Currently, many U.S. Senators permit a single, partisan party-leader to prevent the entire U.S. Senate from voting on bills and issues that are uniquely important to Florida and all other states.

Reginald would represent the interest of Floridians over partisan, personal politics. Reginald would support Senate rules to bring these bills and issues to a vote and would work with senators within party lines and across party lines to end partisan, personal politics.

Reginald believes the rules in Congress must benefit and protect all citizens. Please read his position after the horrific shootings in Orlando:

My thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and families of the mass shootings in Orlando as well as with the victims and families of our nation’s growing list of senseless shootings. We, the American people, must demand that Congress pass laws that protect innocent citizens from domestic terrorists who use military assault rifles to commit mass killings. We, the American people, must also demand that Congress pass laws that equip federal and state law enforcement officers with effective measures to prevent those type of weapons from getting in the hands of domestic terrorists.

However, the current party leaders in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House will not permit any debates and votes on proposed legislation that will protect citizens and assist law enforcement in preventing domestic terrorism. The rules in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House that prevent lawmakers from overriding the partisan politics of one lawmaker must be changed, allowing one-third of lawmakers to call for a debate and, ultimately, a vote on bills of great public importance. The rules in Congress must change to protect all Americans.